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Mariya Shilyaeva (Russian native speaker):

“Zigzag Improv manages to create a very open and friendly atmosphere which make you feel comfortable and reassured even if you are a total beginner. And every class is a big fun!”

Camelia Santa (Romania):

“Improv helps you get over your shyness, helps you be whoever you want and wherever you want, without worrying about what other people think of you. With Zigzag Improv Geneva, it is fun and magic. And you learn so much in so little time, in the most enjoyable way. Because the instructors are there to help you discover yourself and discover what you are capable of.”

Frank Chillier (French/Swiss):

“Having taken improv classes with Sandra-Lynne I can testify that she is not only a great improv teacher, but an amazing person as well. You can expect a very inclusive atmosphere, making friends while practising one of the most exciting activities ever, improv.”

Riya Sarkar (India):

“Make this winter amazing by signing up for theatrical improv classes with the fabulous Sandra-Lynne Jones. Watch yourself transform into a singing dragon, a stubborn clock, or a drunk elevator. It is crazy, it is amusing, evocative, unpredictable, funny and mortifying. You can’t make a mistake when you improvise. After all, ‘if you miss a beat, you create another one.’ With Zigzag Improv, hours will pass like minutes, in the light atmosphere created. With Zigzag, I was able to overcome my stage-fright and speak in public better. Here, I also met some great people who inspired me in several ways and who I have witnessed getting better at improv over the months. This group, I know, will always be my go-to people where I can express every anxiety without the fear of being judged. Glad to be part of this improv family!”

Florian Fournier (France):

“Life can can full of overwhelming events, and the best way to overcome them is to realize that it’s all just a game!

Sandra-Lynne’s workshop is one of those places where you can learn, make friends, and, most importantly, be yourself in all of your crazy states without being judged. A place where you are really free, almost as much as in your own mind.

Thank you for providing such an opportunity. The atmosphere is really accepting and makes people feel better after an exhausting week.

Sandra-Lynne Jones is exceptionally welcoming, has a fabulous flair for social interactions and will give your Geneva experience an undeniable plus.

She created more than an exceptional moment in our daily lives; she created a source of well-being for many citizens of Geneva.

Vikki Nosy (Czech native speaker):

“Sandra-Lynne is a very talented teacher. With Zigzag Improv I laugh all the time and come up with bonkers ideas that I wouldn’t dare to say out loud in other circumstances, and push them further! Sandra-Lynne really knows her stuff and shares her experience generously. You will progress fast and won’t even notice, because you’ll be still laughing! Improv with Zigzag is a blast!”

Elena Ka (Russian native speaker):

“The first thing that comes to mind, but there is so much more to it! I have joined the improv workshop with Sandra-Lynne in April 2014 and since then Friday became my favourite day and not only because the weekend was to come! I have done theater and drama classes before, but never before have I felt so secure and confident trying any stupid idea that came to my mind as here at Sandra-Lynne’s workshop. She has created a unique environment where people can be completely free and allow themselves be who they are and be liked for who they are. Without this security no improv would ever be possible. At Sandra-Lynne’s workshops, we never know what comes next. Exercises may repeat themselves, but it is never the same as you may face a new partner, be in a different mood or might try something new in the same settings. The workshops are liberating. It is not only good as a professional training for a potential acting career, there is much more to it. I personally have changed the entire outlook on my own life. I perceive people differently, more sensitive and alert to my environment, emotions, and also feel more relaxed in stressful situations. So what, we have an improv next Friday, let’s just laugh about it! To sum up:


  • A high quality training for a professional acting career. (I took a two-week summer course at one of the best UK drama schools this summer and can say with confidence, Sandra-Lynne would be one of the best teachers over there).
  • Self confidence boost when it works and a good laugh no matter what
  • Meeting new exciting people who were always around, you just did not know
  • Discovering amazing new things about yourself
  • Creativity explosion


  • Discovering a second breath on Friday evening after an exhausting week: did you know you could jump around, take silly poses, make weird noises after 8 pm on Friday evening?”

Francesco Bullini (Italy):

“I participated to Improv classes with Sandra-Lynne for almost one year and I really loved that time. I attended Improv classes for 4 years in Italy and I can say I really enjoyed her approach: With great sensibility she creates a very welcoming atmosphere that let you express at best and with her long experience she gives you advanced tips and exercises to progress in your Improv skills. The course was a great chance to join a group of mates, ready to have smart-fun together. On the course I also met great people with whom I’m still friends now.”

Ioana Ilea (Romania):

“I enjoy a lot the improv classes I am taking with Sandra-Lynne. All the exercises we do are extremely interesting and she always manages to create a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere which makes you feel at ease even when you are a beginner. She is a great source of inspiration. The group is also extremely nice. I think these classes are great, fun and helpful for one’s personal development. When thinking about improv, I would say:

  • Improv is a form of personal freedom, the freedom to explore and express your authentic self without the fear of being ridiculous or judged by the others.
  • Improv gives you the opportunity to be genuinely creative, bringing out the spontaneous, authentic, bright and fearless child that lies in yourself.
  • Doing improv is a continuous challenge, of overpassing yourself, your shyness, your social fears which in the end brings you tremendous satisfaction and inner-freedom.
  • Improv makes you feel sometimes vulnerable, ridiculous and uninspired, but it also teaches you that that’s OK!
  • Improv is creativity, craziness and tons of fun. It simply makes you feel alive and happy.


41 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Erol (Turkey)

    I attended improv workshops with Sandra-Lynne Jones and her group Zigzag Improv in Geneva for more than a year. What made these workshops special for me and come for more was how sincere and familiar it felt every single week, even there were people coming and going.

    I believe Sandra-Lynne’s wonderful knowledge of theatre and great command of Improvisation is very important in creating this environment. It gave me an opportunity to bring out my real-self, express myself freely without judgements in front of people who laugh it off and made me realize how positive life can be when you can just laugh about it.

    Sam Al-Hamdani also participated in our workshops from time to time and always added always a different colour to the rainbow we have already been playing with.

    I owe my addiction and the first and the best dive into improv to Sandra-Lynne and can recommend her and her workshops with closed eyes to anyone who would like to discover a new world in which they can be crazy like everyone else, yet still stay unique with the tiny crumbs they add to the whole play.

  2. Pablo Gonzalez (Spain)

    I attended Sandra-Lynne’s improv workshop for a couple of years. Thanks to her, I discovered a new form of expression and, most unexpectedly, a new way to approach life. Life is stubbornly non-scripted, and equipping yourself with the right tools to deal with it is not always easy… unless you take up improv, that is. Then, it is both easy and fun. Especially if you are under Sandra-Lynne’s creative, passionate and thoughtful guidance. She was an inspiration and is now a friend.

  3. Vlassis (Greece)

    “Theatre” suggests putting on a mask and pretending to be someone else. But Sandra-Lynne’s theatrical improv class is one of those hidden gems in Geneva where you actually take off your daily mask, become authentic, reconnect with the joy of playing, and constantly feel encouraged by the group to just be yourself!

  4. Patricia (Genève)

    There are many reason to do improvisational theatre, different ways to approach it as well, I guess. For me improv is about accepting what’s here and now, it is about making something of beauty out of your flaws. It’s the actor in you taking the stage having fun with the rules of dramaturgy. What I love with the Friday workshop is the friendly atmosphere, the knowledge, the positive energy that Sandra-Lynne brings. Sometimes it feels like a warm wind where you can rest your wings and fly! You want to improvise? Come to Zigzag Improv Geneva.

  5. Tazz (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

    I could be a silly airplane or a modern-age cannibal or a nutty toaster when I attended Sandra-Lynne’s improv sessions in 2013. Improv today is an inspiration, a dedication, an art, and a way of life for me. It has been a life-saver for many people in Geneva. The best part is that there are no mistakes in improv!

    Sandra-Lynne deserves all the credit for fostering a warm, fun-packed and energetic atmosphere where you get to have fun as well as learn different techniques. She is a true example of bringing strength and creativity from diversity. She has made Geneva a better place!

    Don’t just sit there reading comments, shed your shyness and fears and join in the experience of a lifetime!

  6. Julio (Peru)

    I have attended workshops since August 2013 and I must say they are fantastic. Sandra-Lynne is someone who really really knows what she is doing and her workshops are very pleasant and fun, and always in very nice and respectful atmosphere. These workshops are actually much more that just theatre, they are almost a therapy!

  7. Randa (Lebanon / USA)

    I love Geneva.
    But I love it more because of Zigzag Improv!

    One and a half years ago I stumbled on Sandra-Lynne Jones and the weekly improvisational theatre workshop she runs in Pâquis. It has been one of the best discoveries I have made living in Geneva. Sandra-Lynne is an exceptionally gifted teacher. She is extremely welcoming and inclusive and always makes new-comers to her class feel at ease. As a teacher she encourages creativity, expression, and experimentation.

    The first time I went to her improv class, I felt something I had not experienced for over 20 years: recalling the delight of playing! Not only was it great fun, but it also helped me deal with some personal difficulties and surprisingly also gave me new skills I could use in my professional life.

    What is unique about Zigzag Improv is that it brings together an incredibly diverse group of Geneva residents: students, UN employees, professionals from the financial sector, teachers, business people, lawyers, academics, doctors, etc. in a great multi-cultural atmosphere that is what Geneva is all about.

    I would heartily recommend signing up for a Zigzag workshop – should be ranked as one of the top things to do in Geneva!

  8. Alice (Greece)

    With one word, ZigZag Improv experience with Sandra-Lynne Jones is simply… FABULOUS!

    I took part to this year’s Improv classes and I absolutely loved it! The classes are great fun – with a great atmosphere and fantastic coaching from Sandra-Lynne. There’s also an interesting mix of different people and personalities that Sandra-Lynne leverages to bring diversity and spice up the group and improv exercises!

    If you have hesitations… don’t! This is the most welcoming group of improv in Geneva, which will build, grow and expand your improv skills in no time and in the most fascinating and fun way. I strongly recommend the course ‘sans hesitations’.

    P.S. Proof of success: the group including our fabulous teacher Sandra-Lynne met after the classes for “improvised” dinners and practice.

  9. Paul Boot (Netherlands)

    Sandra-Lynne and her Improv-family walked into my life when I moved to Geneva two years ago. Long story short, Friday-evenings with her are like a home away from home.

    Her head is filled with Improv exercises to last you a lifetime. Her heart welcomes people from all around the world (literally), every age and from absolute beginner to John Cleese, if the rumours are true.

    She makes newcomers immediately feel welcome, puts no pressure, and teaches them the basics of improvisational theatre. For the regulars, she symbolises the start of the weekend with friends (650 and counting).

    Sandra-Lynne’s Improv has reintroduced myself and many others to the happiness we lived as a child. Prepare to be hooked.

  10. Andreas (Austria)

    If you are new to improv (like me – I have attended five workshops with Zigzag so far), it’s definitely worth trying. There are so many benefits to improv, it’s difficult to describe them all. Suffice it to say that it’s fun but in particular a fun way to grow. You will often find yourself in unexpected situations and you will practise your wit, your ability to think quick and your creativity all the time learning from others.

    And no better place than to try it out at Zigzag with Sandra-Lynne. She is excellent and manages to create a very relaxed and welcoming environment. Nevertheless, workshops are always extremely well structured and provide the perfect balance between exercise, feedback and learning.

    I was particularly impressed with how sensitive Sandra-Lynne is to understanding a person’s comfort zone yet always allowing for development – a rare skill indeed. You won’t be pushed into anything you don’t want or are not ready to do, yet you will be included in all exercises to make sure you get the chance to jump when you are ready.

    All of this makes Zigzag an amazing environment to test yourself, to learn and to have a lot of fun. Go try it!

  11. Tickie (France)

    I attended the Friday evening workshop several times with Sandra-Lynne. She was very friendly and put everybody at ease (even the shiest), and always comes up with new exercises, new ideas so you never get bored. We laugh a lot during the workshop, some participants are so funny and creative! The group is quite supportive, so even if you are a beginner, you can give it a go. I also enjoyed the fact that this is a very international group, you may meet people from every part of the world gathered to practise improv and to have fun together!!! Many thanks to Sandra-Lynne for her welcome and support.

  12. Pierre-Yves (France)

    For adults: It is fun, it is easy, it is intuitive. It is great!
    For children: I fully recommend this course! I experienced a few times with my son (10) an impro workshop led by Sandra-Lynne : she is incredibly talented in making impro be nice and easy. My son had a great fun, and caught up very quickly, even though the course was in english, which he is not comfortable with.

  13. Chadi (Lebanon)

    I attended many workshops with Zigzag Improv. Sandra-Lynne runs the workshops in a very friendly atmosphere and is very helpful, supportive and absolutely delightful to learn improv with, just like all the members of the group. You won’t be the only beginner and definitely not the only shy person but you will be made to feel at ease about it from the get go and you’ll learn a lot from the other experienced members. It’s also a great way to meet new people from different cultures and make amazing friends!

  14. M (Denmark)

    It’s amazing how even when you think you have no energy left after a hard day at work and more than anything just want to sleep, you get this amazing second wind the minute you walk into the workshop and energy you didn’t know you still had just flows through you. Those are probably the nights I give my best performances! As if that wasn’t enough, improv has also helped me in my life as I’ve learned to be more flexible, inclusive and better at working in groups :)

  15. Shaje G (Pakistan)

    Some time ago I got a sick. I ended up in the hospital. It was the most harrowing time. I got through it. How? I had my Improv family! Sandra Lynne has been able to do something in Geneva which I have never seen before – she has taken a diverse group of people from all walks of life and made a community out of it. Sandra Lynne is one of the most dedicated and committed people I know to the concept of “One big happy family” Her medium? The power of Improv. In her classes one feels invincible, infallible, indestructible. You can be who you want, how you want, when you want. Not only can you be, it is encouraged! Her workshops require you to think on your feet. She allows your personal creativity to flow through from the bottom of your psyche to out on the stage. Sandra Lynne’s job is to help direct that energy so that it is displayed in a manner which actually conveys to the audience the message you want to share. I have been going to Sandra Lynne’s workshops for about two years now. I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a class with Sandra Lynne and Zigzag if you:
    Have ever looked enviously at a performer’s skills and wondered – do I have it?
    If you are someone who is a little shy and want to try things in a safe environment, but never had the courage before.
    If you are experienced and want to challenge yourself a bit more.
    If you are looking for something fun to do after work and are looking for fun people
    If you think that the people at work just don’t get you and you want a place to be free.
    If you want to be Just you. The real you.
    If you want a short break from reality
    This is then the place for you!!! :)
    Have fun!

  16. Evgeniy ( Belarus)

    I appreciate Sandra-Lynne work, the improv and workshops make our lives happier. Thanks for all participants and especially for Sandra-Lynne.

  17. Randa (Lebanon)

    I have known Ms. Sandra Lynne Jones in her capacity as an instructor of theatre for over three years. I have been privileged to attend many workshops she has facilitated and observed her acting in a local improvisational theatre group. I have also observed her interactions with children of all ages, including as participants in improvisational theatre workshops.

    Ms. Jones has a unique teaching style that makes space for and encourages all levels of participant: from the shiest and most hesitant to the outgoing and boisterous. Not only does she have a technique that accommodates different personality and skill levels, she also has a unique way of bringing a diverse group of people and abilities together to work on a common project. She is exceptionally creative in her approach, stimulating her students to think “outside the box” and explore their imagination, voice and movement. Ms. Jones adds props, musical instruments and games to inspire creativity and free-thinking. At the same time she encourages reflection and self-awareness and gives guidance to students on how to structure a scene, how to project, how to engage the audience, and how to overcome the fear of judgement.

    Ms. Jones has a real passion and dedication for what she does: she is genuinely delighted by the often absurd, comic scenes her students come up with. She is always available to support her students with encouragement and constructive, insightful pointers. She is especially interested in working with children and has a natural talent for channelling their energy, imagination and creativity while teaching them about mutual respect, sharing, and acceptance.

  18. Chike (UK)

    Over the past year, I have attended more than 20 of Sandra-Lynne’s 2.5-hour theatre workshops in English for adults as well as a multi-lingual show that she produced for an appreciative audience of 150 people. The theatre group that Sandra-Lynne founded (Zigzag Improv Geneva) now comprises more than 700 members of all backgrounds, nationalities and professions. I can testify to her effectiveness as a teacher, as well as her capacity to enthuse and motivate students of all abilities, including initially shy personalities. (…)

    I can recommend Sandra-Lynne to you as a creative, competent and understanding teacher who encourages her students to step out of their comfort zone, exercise their imagination and further their communication and listening skills. She has a seemingly unlimited repertoire of activities and is good at pacing her classes, tailoring her exercises to the needs of individuals and responding to group mood. Above all, she creates a harmonious, non-judgemental learning environment that puts her students at ease. Despite the fun nature of the activity, discipline is well maintained. Her classes would be an asset to any extracurricular programme. Parents and teachers might also benefit from a stress-relieving adult class!

  19. Mauro (Italy)

    Joining the Zigzag improv workshops is one of the best things you could do in Geneva!

    The improvisation is only for what the actors will do, because the workshops are not really improvised, but they are following a path of growth that Sandra-Lynne is preparing and structuring for us week by week.

    During the two and a half hours of workshop you will disconnect from anything happened in the last week: you will be totally there with your mind and with your soul.

    A big thank you to Sandra-Lynne because during the years she has been able to create a nice community of friends that are meeting every week at her workshops.

    Thanks Sandra-Lynne!

  20. Samar (Switzerland)

    I attended my first Zigzag Improv workshop in February 2016, after watching Zigzag perform. I ran into a couple friends randomly at the performance who recommended that I attend a beginner’s workshop, so thanks to watching the performance and enjoying it, and to my friend’s suggestion I went for it! Improv theatre is a completely new thing for me, but it was a very different, interesting and fun relaxing way to spend an evening, and I agree one of the best things I have participated in. I have already met a few new nice people through this group, the ice breaker exercises at the start of the workshop were funny and helpful, and it overall helped to boost my confidence. It was thanks to Sandra-Lynne of course and the other participants that the workshop was enjoyable for me. She is very nice, friendly and makes you feel at ease during the workshops, since the exercises are progressive and build up. I look forward to attending more workshops as long as I am in Geneva, and watching more performances, and perhaps taking part in some, let’s see!

  21. Nan (Thailand)

    As Jimi Hendrix once said, “You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.”

    Improv provides you with that space to explore yourself outside your comfort zone. It tests your creativity, challenges your reflex and allows you to be completely insane without any judgements involved. It was my first ever attempt at improv here in Geneva with Sandra-Lynne and I immediately fell in love with it. I have attended several sessions since and would continue attending it at every chance I get.

    The long-form improv focuses on interconnected scenes and character development. It is remarkable to see how characters are formed and developed as you go along the scene. What makes it so interesting is that it doesn’t always have to make sense. Let your imagination go wild and think the unthinkable.

    For newbies in Geneva, it is a great space to meet new people and best way to spend your Thursday and Friday nights.

  22. Rei (South Africa)

    I just wanted to reach out to thank you for the outstanding effort you’ve made with us in your classes – certainly the best group I’ve found on Glocals (and I’ve been here for five years!!)

  23. Muriel (Direction pédagogique, La Découverte, Genève)

    Madame Sandra-Lynne JONES a été engagée dans notre école durant l’année scolaire 2015-2016 comme responsable d’un cours facultatif de théâtre en anglais. Sous forme d’atelier hebdomadaire de 3h, elle avait la responsabilité d’une douzaine d’élèves âgés de 7-8 ans, anglophones ou non. Nos « Extras » (cours facultatifs) s’adressent, sur toute l’année, au même groupe d’élèves. Ils ont un objectif de développement de compétences, mais sans exigence de niveau. Dans ce cas, il s’agissait de permettre aux élèves d’élargir leurs moyens d’expression, leur créativité et leurs compétences en langue anglaise.

    Madame JONES a rempli cette tâche avec beaucoup de professionnalisme, proposant des exercices très variés aux enfants, aussi bien dans l’expression orale que graphique, leur laissant de l’initiative et les encourageant à la création. Son enthousiasme ne s’est jamais démenti. Elle a toujours positivement coopéré avec la direction lorsque que cela s’est avéré nécessaire et a été très appréciée de la majorité des élèves et de leurs familles.

    Madame JONES est une personne très communicative, chaleureuse, ponctuelle, sur laquelle nous avons toujours pu compter. Nous la recommandons chaudement à toute personne qui désire travailler l’expression théâtrale.


  24. David (USA)

    My daughter Lily took your Wednesday morning class at Découverte and loved it. She would like to continue with theatre.

  25. Ruprecht (Germany)

    This workshop of Improv is a very nice thing to relax from a stressful job. Its like therapy, to get rid of fear to speak in public. There are a very nice mix of different people, cultures etc. and everybody laughs with each other. IT’S A FANTASTIC GROUP WITH A FANTASTIC TEACHER, SANDRA-LYNNE.

  26. Anisah (Malaysia)

    Being part of Sandra-Lynne’s improv group has become the highlight of my week. I enjoy it so much that I drive 40km each way just to join them whenever I can. The biggest impact improv has had on my personal development has been in strengthening my creative confidence. With each session, I feel more and more empowered to go beyond my perceived limitations and truly realize my ability to be the creator of each circumstance. Naturally, this feeling of empowerment spills over to life outside improv, where I find myself increasingly tackling challenges that come up in a creative way, thanks to the confidence I gained from the workshops. Most importantly, improv liberates the inner child that hides deep within us, which is probably why it is such an exhilarating and fun experience. Sandra-Lynne is a very empathic and pedagogical facilitator and I am sure she has impacted many participants’ lives positively over the last 6 years through her perseverance in running ongoing workshops each week. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of this so far and look forward to many more sessions to come!

  27. Omar (Syria)

    I am on anti depression and going through hard times. This workshop gave me hope.

  28. Ben (Germany)

    So many fantastic, warm and interesting people! I am still flushed by all the positive energy and already looking forward to the next time I will be able to attend.

  29. Anders (Sweden)

    Sandra-Lynne is a really great improv teacher and she creates a warm and special atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Based on limited experience seeing improv theater I thought that it can be very entertaining but perhaps it has less of depth. I have since found out thanks to these workshops that for the improviser it is a more profound experience, partly because one has only little control of what thoughts come out. Somewhat akin to dreams in one’s sleep. In more than one way I would say that doing improv theater changes one, several people tell of concrete positive effects. These particular workshops provide a unique chance to try it out that is not to be missed. The warm-up exercises are sometimes reminiscent of children’s games. Not only is it nice that adults are allowed to have a lot of fun with these, but I find it not so obvious that we are still able to do so. Actually maybe improv is all about awakening the child’s imagination, for in their play, children naturally create characters, improvise elaborate scenes, and rarely do they know in advance how it will all end.

  30. Siddarth (India)

    When the class started, I had no clue what was happening! But within minutes, Sandra-Lynne made it really easy and fun… and then very soon challenging and fun!! Its a great place to express yourself without being judged and meet good people!! Recommended for anyone who likes to express himself or for anyone who wants to get over his/her shyness!!

  31. Cécile (France)

    I wish that I could come more often to share moments of opening up and letting-go, always among nice people. Zigzag time is a moment where I can be myself as a child or as a monkey or as a chair or as a lost alien and share what others offer of themselves in the improv.

  32. Vicky Nef (Logitech)

    We invited Sandra Lynne to come and help us loosen up our creative juices for a workshop at Logitech. Sandra Lynne ran a 3 hour session to teach us some improv techniques. It was great: fun, got us in the right mindset to work off each other’s ideas and loosen up into thinking and acting creatively.

    I highly recommend investing this time to anyone wanting to get a diverse team of people working well together fast!

    Thanks Sandra Lynne :-)

  33. Elena (Israel/native Russian speaker)

    This season, we have been lucky to experiment with another interesting format of an improv theatre: long-form improv. During the long-form, we create a story and play out of a sequence of episodes that are linked together. Episodes range between scenes involving main characters and crowd scenes. As always in improv, everything is created on a spot in real time. After a short creative brainstorming, we come up with a few ideas about location and characters involved. The beauty of long-form improv is that one can be in several scenes during the night: as a main character, as a passer-by in a crowd scene or even as an object (a tree?) or an animal in another scene.

    After almost three years of doing improv with Sandra-Lynne, I still can’t get enough of it. :)

  34. Mark (UK)

    I have attended Zigzag for 18 months. Zigzag is an excellent opportunity to learn improv skills. Led by Sandra-Lynne, the evenings are both fun and effective. Beginners are welcomed and integrated seamlessly with more experienced performers. I recommend it highly to anyone.

  35. Bernardo Aronowicz (Israel)

    I discovered many things with Zigzag Improv. It helps me to work on my weak sides, on my dominant side. It revealed to me that I was not only a very rational person, but also a person capable of creativity and “lâcher prise” (letting go). I met a large number of nice people, from all over. Improv seems to erase the differences, from nationalities to ages.

    And last but not the least, I discovered Sandra-Lynne whose qualities would be too long to enumerate… :)


    This is one of the most fun and great learning experiences! Let go and start improvising! Thanks, Sandra-Lynne, will miss you!

  37. Rana Elkahwagy

    Discovering the world of theatrical improvisation was the best thing that happened to me this year. I joined Zigzag last september and I attended all the workshops led by Sandra-Lynne for 9 months. She made a big effort every single week to accommodate everyone, the beginners and regulars, by explaining the warm-up games and their linkage to improv skills and scenes. Every game has a purpose and she made sure we all understand the rationale behind it. I will always remember the sessions I attended with Zigzag because each one included a different theme/skill that Sandra-Lynne focuses on and instruct in numerous creative ways. Getting several feedback in a constructive way after the scenes was also essential to make everyone more comfortable and to ameliorate the overall performance.
    Thank you so much Sandra-Lynne for making Geneva a warmer, more fun, and unforgettable place for me :)
    I will miss you a lot!

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